Tuesday, August 26, 2008

69 boxes later...

At 7:20am this morning, the 3 ladies who make up the packing team of Mur's Moving (led by Mur's wife, Marie), began packing what we still hadn't.

Between the stuff my mom and sister helped me pack, and then a few more boxes I packed last night, there was still a big bunch of things still to go.

They worked until 2:30pm. They stopped briefly for a lunch break. A few times they asked me questions about what I wanted packed, but mostly they worked without interruption.

Fynn and I ran errands instead: off to the bottle depot to take back the last of our empties, off to the Salvation Army for one final load, off to the lawyer's office to sign the property transfer documents and off to take Sophie to the doctor (I suspected she may have a bladder infection, but so far the test she took today was negative), and I dropped off our plants at Vic's office for one of the women to water. Oh, and off to the chiropractor again for me -- more neck work.

While the packing ladies were doing their bit, the pool table mover guys came and took apart the pool table and loaded it on their truck. They will also store it for us. I also met with the painter who is going to touch up our picture holes for the new owners.

We made a couple of last minute drop offs tonight: one more RubberMaid tub and the high chair at the house sitting place; our large flower planters off to the new house; our fridge condiments off to Ray and Doris's for refrigeration, as well as the Exersaucer (we didn't want to impose our housesitter's anymore with our stuff).

Tomorrow the movers arrive at 7:15am to load all the boxes into a storage unit for about 4 weeks while our house finishes up.

Fynn crashed early and Sophie is a little out of sorts since her selection of toys has been really downsized, as so much is in storage. She's hugging her mermaid Barbie tightly.

Off to bed.....

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Katy said...

big day today and yesterday.
:)If I was there I'd bring you a casserole (or have you over for a caserole) and let you store condiments/exersaucers/plants/whatever... or come and escape when the next 4 weeks get to be too much. :)
hang in there, you are almost home.