Saturday, July 12, 2008

on the lake (Daytrip #3)

We rented a boat for a couple of hours today.
We've tossed around the idea if a boat would be something we would enjoy.
Sophie and Fynn are still pretty young and while we had fun today, we think
it would be a mistake to sink $$ into one right now. Plus the price of gas right now makes even a two hour trip expensive.

Fynn did get himself a new infant life jacket, and Sophie managed to lose
her sunglasses overboard (luckily they were cheapos).

All in all, a fun way to see more of Shuswap lake and be tourists in our own town.


Joanne said...

Cute little floatie Fynn! Jackson just learned how to float in a pdf and loved it so much he almost had a nap. Sounds like some fun in the sun for you all!

nadine jenine said... vic wearing anything in that last photo? ;) the weather looked gorgeous. i love boating!