Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Can

At times, Sophie can be the poster child of "I can't".

She tried it on us during skating last year (and we persevered, and she finished two sessions).

She has been very keen to take gymnastics this spring. All has been going well until today, her final session. She and her little friend Jacob were fooling around in front of the door to the gymnasium before class started and unfortunately Shawnee, her coach, opened the door just as Sophie was on the other side. Her big toe got hit by the door. Crying and lots of tears, plus a bandaid from Jacob's mom (she's a doctor, too) and hugs from me didn't seem to help. I didn't want her disrupting the class, so I asked her to wait it out by herself in the waiting area while I watched Fynn inside the gym. Half way through the class, I went to get her and she collected herself enough to rejoin the class.

While she missed doing the "rings" she did get some time in on the balance beam and the big trampoline. While it was not without some coaxing, I'm proud of her for coming back to the class and getting her participation ribbon and stamps at the end.

Here's a poem for you Sophie (from your mean Mommy --- you will thank me one day for not quitting):

I CAN, by Edgar A. Guest

Can't is a word that is foe to ambition;
An enemy ambush to shatter your will.
It's prey forever to a man with a mission;
And bows only to courage, and patience, and skill.

So hate it with hatred that's deep and undying,
For once it is welcomed twill break any man.
And whatever the goal you are seeking, Keep trying!
And answer this demon by saying, "I Can!"

Here are a few pics. That's Sophie and her coach Shawnee and the group of kids getting their stamps at the end of class.

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