Monday, May 12, 2008

Missing my camera

I miss my camera. I took it to London Drugs on Sunday and the camera guy sent it to Nikon in Vancouver. He suspects it is the mirror. We hope so, as that should be a relatively inexpensive fix. If not, it could be very $$$.

I can't post photos of our house project. It is really coming along -- the roof is on and the timber pillars out front are in place.


Fynn and I had a fun time at his Little Caboose playgroup today. They brought in a professional storyteller, Susan Munzer, who told 4 different stories using these little kits made out of wooden figures. To top it all off, she gave each of the moms a kit to take. We had time to paint the wooden figures while the children played (Fynn rolled around on the play mats). We picked the "farm" story, so I got to paint a lovely brown horse, chickens, etc.

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