Monday, May 26, 2008

5 things list:

1. This book has been missing, and it is due back to the library in 3 days. I found it under the seat of our Pilot today. I'm quite excited since I had visions of (almost) losing another one.

2. We lowered the asking price on our house today. We are hoping for some activity now.

3. Sophie is a little bummed out because one of her favourite caregivers at daycare is going in for a hysterectomy and will be off for 6 weeks starting tomorrow. A bit of a change for her, as this lady really is special.

4. We are hoping to go here with my brother and his wife and little son this summer.

5. When I got back from the gym this afternoon, the window to Fynn's bedroom was open. Hmmm....I wondered. Strange. I was greeted by daddy and Fynn. Fynn wearing a completely different outfit from when I left him. He had one of his atomic poops that apparently was beyond stinky. The little guy's system is still getting used to his food.


Joanne said...

We are thinking of mid-Aug for Silverwood. Just starting to look into details.

Jenny L. said...

We have not hit the atomic poop stage yet, but have had our fair share of blowouts. I hope you get some interest in your house soon. Loved your Disney page. I got soaked a couple of weekends ago on Splash Mtn. I love that Sophie loves those rides, what a little dare devil. :)